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Tuxedo Shirts

When wearing a tuxedo or any formal wear ensemble, a tuxedo shirt is a typical garment that is included in the overall look. Tuxedo shirts are a key factor in formal wear style as they lend to a more professional, stylish and proper look. 

At Polished Threads, we offer a wide variety of tuxedo shirts from well-known and trusted formal wear and menswear designers so that you can feel comfortable and confident in the items that you purchase. Like most things in fashion, tuxedo shirts come in a variety of different colors, styles and materials - assuring that there is something for everyone. 

When purchasing a tuxedo shirt, things to keep in mind are the style, sizing and fit. Paying attention to the fit, neck size and arm length are important, so that you can assure that when the shirt is buttoned it is neither too tight or too loose giving an informal and messy look. The neck sizes and sleeve sizes can vary, so having an idea based off of other dress shirts you might own, going to a local tailor to get measured or measuring yourself will help you to get a more accurate number and sizing count, which will in turn help you find a tuxedo shirt that best suits your needs. 

Types of Tuxedo Shirts
Tuxedo shirts come in many forms - and some styles are more appropriate or favored than others from personal fit and style to reasoning for wearing a tuxedo shirt. Tuxedo shirts can come in a plain or pleated styles. Plain styles is the most popular and current for the modern day man as it is a classic and traditional option. Pleated shirts have pleats that go down the front of the shirt. The pleats are typically made from the same material as the shirt itself and adds a little flare and gives a fancy appearance. Pleated tuxedo shirts are common for more formal and black tie events. 

As for collars, wingtip and spread collars are the most common in tuxedo and dress shirts. Spread collars are probably the most popular and versatile for any polished man. Commonly seen on dress shirts and tuxedo shirts. the spread collar refers to the distance between the collar points that make up the shirt. Wingtip collared shirts have the points on the collar fold and stick out a bit, giving it more of a winged appearance. Wingtip is the most common tuxedo shirt option and is typically worn with a bow tie for very formal or black tie events. 

The two styles of cuffs for a tuxedo shirt are French Cuffs and Barrel Cuffs. These are a slight detail that can set tuxedo and dress shirts apart in style and overall appearance. French Cuffs are rolled back and held in place by cufflinks. They are the more formal of the two and pair perfectly under a tuxedo jacket really bringing the look together. Barrel Cuffs are more versatile as they don't require cufflinks like the French cuff, but can still be worn with them if preferred. They are not rolled up around the wrist and can simply be fastened by the buttons on the cuff. Barrel cuffs are commonly seen in most dress shirts as they are great for formal but also more casual and every day dress. 

Buying Tuxedo Shirts
There are some accessories that can be added for any formal look (and tuxedo shirt) that will help to complete and perfect any formal outfit. As mentioned previously, cufflinks and studs is a big one and is required when wearing a shirt with French Cuffs. The cufflinks go in the cuffs after folded up and hold them in place while adding a stylish and formal touch. The studs go down the placket of the shirt and cover the buttons for an overall formal look. 

Another popular accessory option is neckwear. Whether it be a necktie or a bow tie, wearing something with your tuxedo shirt is a necessity. Bow ties are more common when wearing a cummerbund with your tuxedo shirt, but a necktie or bow tie can be worn with your tuxedo shirt if wearing a vest or nothing at all. Adding these items helps to bring the whole outfit to life while giving a proper appearance for your event. 

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