If you’re a man that enjoys shopping, then chances are (like the rest of us) you find yourself gravitating towards a certain designer. Maybe it’s the fabric they use, or maybe it’s the patterns and colors they create, sometimes when we shop there are just certain things that pop out and speak to us. It’s what being a professional shopper (in our minds) is all about. With over forty different designers, here at Polished Threads, we offer nothing by options for you to choose what speaks to your fashion-loving soul. Shopping by designers allows the shopper to browse, shop and try different designers to find something they like or prefer. Some of these designers are experts in their categories and offer hand-crafted and quality articles of clothing that will become staples in any closet. That’s why we have chosen to place them on our site. Because we know that they are carefully designed and crafted with the thought of the modern fashionable man in mind. Once, again, catering to the customer, we have made searching for a specific designer as easy as the click of a button. By using the designers section, a menu of all of the designers within the Polished Threads site will appear. By clicked your designer preference, you will then be taken to a page of all of the products by that designer for the easier one-stop shopping experience since you browsed our “shop” category page. If you’re someone that isn’t committed to a certain designer, then the options are even more vast for you. Which is incredible, but can also be a bit overwhelming. Because of this, we have decided to introduce a few designers (and what they have to offer) in order to guide you into the direction that might best suit (no pun intended) your Polished Threads needs. The cool thing about shopping by designer is that some designers we carry offer a variety of different clothing items. For instance, Gitman Menswear has some pretty unique and colorful neckties to spruce up any suit. However, Gitman also offers an impressive selection of dress shirts. Some of these shirts are our absolutely favorites on the site and can be worn formally, casually or somewhere in between. They come in different styles and patterns, such as: striped, gingham, oxford, tattersall, etc. and will remain staples in just about every man’s closet until he needs new ones. Designers like Trend and Prive Menswear will be your go-to for all things: suits, dress pants, blazers and even tuxedos. These designers are responsible for a chunk of the stylish and form-fitting suits available on our site. They are, of course, offered in a variety of different colors, patterns and materials. Note: to break down your search even more, once you find a designer, using the “shop by” box to the left will allow you to narrow down your search even more-so. On the hunt for accessories? No worries there! Designers, like, Ferrecci, Bocara and David Donahue offer a great selection of shirts, neckwear and jewelry to help complete any suited look.