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Welcome to the home of the finest men suits available on the internet. We have meticulously hand-picked only the finest and most elegant suit fabrics from around the world and brought all together to you in one clean, consise and secure online store. We have top-quality imported suits from such designers as Baroni, Gianni Manzoni, Paul Betenly, David Donahue, Cardi, Mattarazi and much more.

Style is when they’re running you out of town and you make it look like you’re leading the parade.

– William Battie


  • The Most Polished Event of The Year

     It’s only natural that the most formal and prominent event in the Entertainment world has some of the best pre-and-post parties. With endless amounts of pretty, stunning and handsome floating around Hollywood on Oscars weekend, it’s safe to say that there is going to be an insane amount of impressive fashion to view.

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  • Date Night Outfit Inspiration with Clothes You Already Have

     Ah, date night. The one night of the week that we forget about our hectic lives, jobs, friends, family, kids, etc. and focus on maintaining a connection and spark with our special someone.

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  • Polished Threads Guide To: Ultimate Wedding Style

     So, you get something in the mail from an old college pal. Curious to see what it is, you open it and find that it’s a wedding invitation. You smile to yourself and think, “good for him!” And then go along with the rest of your day…

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