In the men’s fashion world, style, clothing and trends continue to make leaps and bounds into something that genuinely makes us excited. Designers are taking more risks and men are on board and thus have developed a new sense of fashion and apparel that is quite impressive. Seeing male influencers and bloggers take lead in the fashion-verse is inspiring and has men all over looking to step-up their fashion game. If you have read this far and any of this pertains to you, then don’t worry, you are indeed in the right place. When shopping at Polished Threads, the modern working, business, relaxed, stylish, trendy, etc. man can find everything he might need to make him the ultimate polished man. If all of this is two seconds from making your head explode: try taking a deep breath. We have got everything under control here. You’ll notice that on this “shop all” page, all of the threads to complete any polished man’s wardrobe has been broken down into categories to make shopping with us a breeze. So, whether you’re looking for a nice multi-purpose suit, an upgrade in the form of a pair of stylish shoes, a sophisticated blazer or maybe you’re in need of some new dress shirts- Polished Threads offers all of that and much more. Suits Although we love everything on this site (not because we have too, though), we have to admit that the range of suits offered are really top-notch. With a variety of different colors, patterns, fits and materials offered, there truly is something for any aspiring polished man. These suits are multi-purpose in the sense that they are perfect for the everyday working man, but can also make anyone look sharp when attending a wedding. Our best-selling “Caravelli Solid Slim Suit” is available in the classic solid suit colors that every man should own. Our personal favorite “Sharkskin Suit” is a trendy pattern that can make anyone look like a rock star. These suits are classically chic and will be worn so many times for a variety of different occasions, you’ll wonder how in the world you didn’t have at least five of them in your closet at all times! Shoes If anyone has ever told you that whichever shoes you wear does not dictate the success of the overall outfit, then you might need to reevaluate who you get your fashion advice from. Shoes are indeed one of the biggest pieces that complete any true polished man’s ensemble. Understanding the look of what you’re wanting to achieve is of course important, but that look can either be made or broken by the types of shoes chosen to wear with it. Owning a pair of quality tuxedo, dress shoes or loafers is completely necessary. The “Hudson” Shoes (in Tan), will go with whichever color suit you’re wearing and adds a nice stylish detail in the form of a darker capped-toe. If lace-ups aren’t quite your thing, investing in a classic pair like the “Carlyle” Black shoes will be your go-to for all fashionable looks. Remember the importance of shoes, because when you look dapper from the feet, up, you better believe people will be looking down. Jackets & Blazers Another absolute must for the modern polished man, a blazer. Blazers are so much more than what we all remember: the prep school, frat boy, country club wearing kind. Blazers are probably the most versatile and bang for your buck piece of clothing you could own. For instance, the Trend Crepe Blazer (and most blazers) can be worn and styled for multiple different occasions. Being able to dress it up with a nice dress shirt, tie, pocket square and some dress pants makes you instantly ready for a big board meeting or a professional dinner. But, pairing your blazer with some jeans, a t-shirt and perfect sneakers makes for the ultimate date night, dinner party, business casual look that oozes style.
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