Ah, the center hub that makes every outfit individual and different. The one accessory that’s only purpose is to provide color, style and highlight to the outfit and the man in the outfit. When choosing neckwear, the color, pattern, material, style, etc. is meant to reinforce and compliment the rest of the outfit. The tie is meant to complete the apparel and be the framing for a man; being worn to end strictly around the belt buckle area not falling above or below it.  

Wearing a neck or bow tie is entirely a personal style choice. For instance, bow ties are the most formal of neckwear one can wear. Although bow ties are most common and popular for rather formal situations as black-tie affairs, it is more common now to see them being worn as business casual or even in everyday apparel. Bow ties offer a touch of class, stylishness and charm to any outfit.

However, a necktie is not only more common, but almost a necessity in a man’s wardrobe. Available in a variety of fabrics, such as: Silk, Wool, Cotton, Linen, Polyester, etc. With silk being the most common for fancy situations and best with a smooth and dressier suit or tux, and polywoven or wool would look great with a casual suit, blazer or even just a dress shirt for a fashionable everyday look.  

With endless options for material, pattern, color and style the decision, again, is what best compliments the outfit being worn. It should be stated though that regardless of the elements that may make up the perfect tie, without the actual tie being tied correctly, it’s just simply another piece of fabric. There are multiple different ways to tie both a necktie and a bow tie and understanding which one is appropriate for which situation (especially in the olden days), was how others viewed you.

Just like anything within dress, there are certain standards when it comes to creating the perfect look of a suit and dress shirt combined with a tie. A helpful tip to remember, is that only one out of these three key elements when worn together is to be patterned. Example being that if the suit being worn has a pattern, then the dress shirt along with the tie should be solid. This goes for the opposite as well, being if the dress shirt is a plaid pattern, then the suit and tie should be solid. This goes hand-in-hand with the one light and two dark fashion tips as well. Along the same lines as the patterns, only one piece of the outfit should be light while the other two are darker colors. Example, wearing an all-white suit should require traditionally that a dark shirt and tie be worn to compliment the suit just as the opposite with a darker suit.

A lot of these suggestions and tips are not set in stone as men have become more creative and experimental in the way they dress. This offers different insights, looks and tastes into how men view fashion and the current and changing trends. Having a basic understanding of neckwear and what is appropriate for whichever situation will help one when dressing for the look they want. But, putting a certain spin or flair on the outfit to express individual style is equally as important as following the guidelines. Remembering that at the end of the day it is just neckwear and not to take yourself too seriously. Looking good all comes down to the person that feels good wearing the clothes they’re in.

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  1. Luxury Satin Necktie


    Luxury Satin Necktie
  2. Hayward Necktie


    Hayward Necktie
  3. Maywood Necktie


    Maywood Necktie
  4. Sonoma Necktie


    Sonoma Necktie
  5. Rio Vista Necktie


    Rio Vista Necktie
  6. Clayton Necktie


    Clayton Necktie
  7. Montclair Necktie


    Montclair Necktie
  8. Avalon Necktie


    Avalon Necktie
  9. Vernon Necktie


    Vernon Necktie
  10. Pacifica Necktie


    Pacifica Necktie
  11. Fairfax Necktie


    Fairfax Necktie
  12. Westminster Necktie


    Westminster Necktie
  13. Sacramento Necktie


    Sacramento Necktie
  14. Arcadia Necktie


    Arcadia Necktie
  15. Belmont Necktie


    Belmont Necktie
  16. Cypress Necktie


    Cypress Necktie
  17. Torrance Necktie


    Torrance Necktie
  18. La Palma Necktie


    La Palma Necktie
  19. Santa Maria Necktie


    Santa Maria Necktie
  20. Carson Necktie


    Carson Necktie
  21. Reedley Necktie


    Reedley Necktie
  22. Le Verne Necktie


    Le Verne Necktie
  23. Belvedere Necktie


    Belvedere Necktie
  24. Montebello Necktie


    Montebello Necktie
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