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A Few Of Our Favorite Leading (Polished) Men

To most, Hollywood might seem as if it is a big place. But in actuality, it occupies a very small group of talented and respected people. Actors, musicians, directors, producers, etc. These are the people that work to provide us (the consumers, viewers, etc.) with entertainment.

To be recognized as one of the best takes many years of hard work, determination and dedication. Being a leading man in Hollywood and the entertainment industry doesn’t come easy. Apart from having talent, it takes passion and poise. When it comes to leading men, everyone has a favorite. Someone that they love and admire that holds a place in the limelight. This list we have created includes a few of our favorite leading men in the industry. Men that possess talent, charm, self-confidence, and more importantly, men that do good in the world. These men are true gentlemen that are always polished, charismatic and show stopping examples of excellent taste in fashion. We can assure that every time one of these men steps on a red carpet, they’re going to make hearts melt.

Zac Efron
With just the mention of his name, the sound of screams and shrieks from thousands upon thousands of girls could be heard. Originally stealing our hearts as Wildcat, Troy Bolton, it’s safe to say that Zac Efron has come a long way in his acting career. With his growth and maturity expanding with each film he does, his fashion sense follows in suit (get it, suit). Zac is one of those actors that is as good looking as they come. He is witty, sweet, and his smile could cure sadness. Any time Zac steps onto a red carpet or is at a press junket we can’t help but swoon a little (okay, a lot). His casual “relaxed cool guy” style makes us feel a sense of comfort and familiarity towards him, but once he puts on a men’s blazer with a pair of sunglasses and flashes that smile, he looks nothing short of polished, put-together and completely striking.

Leonard DiCaprio
Probably one of the world’s most respected actors and humanitarians of this generation is leading man Leonard DiCaprio. Leo has come such a long way since shaking us to the core in The Basketball Diaries, or making us fall in love then shattering our frozen hearts into pieces in Titanic. Throughout his career, Leo has flourished into being one of the most refined and classically dressed men in Hollywood. Leo always shows up looking entirely professional while shedding some wisdom and light on real world problems; but man, does he look good doing it. Humble, classic and timeless is how we would describe not only Leo’s sense of style, but Leo himself.

John Legend
One of the most talented singers, songwriters and producers in the entertainment industry today is the man that has a voice that makes our ears happy and our hearts swell, John Legend. When it comes to charm, John is the ultimate swoon worthy leading man. And if his perfect and soulful voice during his entertaining performances haven’t won the hearts of everyone watching, his style sure will. John is the definition of suave and smooth, always looking dapper and a dashing. When it comes down to style inspiration, John is the perfect example of how a classic suit or tuxedo is worn.  

George Clooney
Having a list like this, we would have to be out of our minds to not have the adored George Clooney on it. George is easily the most sophisticated, charming and effortlessly enchanting male actors in Hollywood. A literal example of what a gentleman should look like, dress like, and how he should act. Honestly, no one in Hollywood can compare to George when it comes to dressing the part. The man just oozes complete elegance from head to toe. A lot of time we think he’s not even trying; he just has this magic power of making everyone he comes across fall under his enticing spell. A class act of self-assurance and modesty and the king of sophistication and effortless style will always belong to the brilliant George Clooney.