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When it comes to putting on formal wear (evening wear) a lot of men feel powerful, strong, and proper. How could one not feel that way when they’re perfectly dressed from head to toe. Looking your best goes hand in hand with feeling your best, and putting on a tuxedo automatically helps men to experience a different kind of confidence that we all chase after.

When wearing formal wear, there is an unspoken set of rules that one must abide by in order to accomplish the perfect formal look. Of course, in today’s fashion world there are more risks being taken and pushed to the limit in evening wear options, but that’s the fun of fashion, right? So, what are the biggest items that make the ultimate formal wear outfit a success?

Well, naturally the base being a tuxedo. Wearing a tuxedo instantly brings out the fancy man in everyone. Tuxedos are such a tradition and are typically a solid pattern and have either peaked or shawl lapels that should be in a silk or satin material. Matching the lapel should be the seam that runs along the dress pant leg. This meaning that the little stripe that lies on the outside of the dress pants, should be the same exact material (and color) of the lapels on the jacket.

Accessories for evening wear is something else that can really make one man’s look stand out from another. Important accessories (along with some tips) that make a tuxedo stand out are: shoes, suspenders, jewelry, waist covers, and neckwear. Suspenders are worn traditionally to physically hold up dress pants for an ensemble like this. They are to be attached to the buttons on the inside of the pants and never be worn with a belt in formal situations.

For the waist cover, there are two options that are personal preference depending who is wearing them, as long as the waistband is not being shown. A vest (also known as a waistcoat), was the go-to accessory back in the day for covering the waistband on dress pants. It should accentuate the tuxedo and the surrounding accessories to complete the look. If a vest is too much, another option is the cummerbund. Cummerbunds are a sash that wraps around the waist look great with dinner jackets that have a shawl collar. They are the more modern option that helps give a certain flair to any evening wear attire.

There are certain colors that are appropriate when wearing formal wear attire. As most are traditional colors, they are the top choices due to the look, sophistication and timeless elegance they provide when being worn. It is fact that in any evening wear circumstance, if a man is to wear either black, white or gray he is a true man of class and style.