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Tiglio offers a wide collection of well-tailored high-quality Italian clothing for men. With their fabrics coming from European mills, their clothing is nothing short of impressive and modern with the slightest European touch.

The Tiglio team is based in Firenze, which is in Florence, Italy, so it's safe to say that they know what they are doing - which is why they do it so well! They're constantly coming up with innovation and new ideas for the modern day polished man which staying true to their traditions. Known for their suits, dress pants, dress shirts and more, Tiglio offers classic staple pieces, like the "Novello" Black Suit that fit in perfectly with any wardrobe.

Tiglio products are available in a variety of different colors, collections, materials and patterns. For instance, the "Novello" Light Grey Birdseye Suit is a great alternative to a solid suit with its Birdseye pattern. Whereas the "Tufo" Tan 3-Piece Suit is a stylish and attractive 3-piece set that comes with a jacket, pants and a matching vest. The possibilities are endless with Tiglio as they firmly believe in producing high-quality, trendy and affordable garments.

Since Tiglio tries to always keep things on trend, sophisticated and innovative. With that being said, they have excelled and expanded their brand with the completion of six distinctive and luxurious categories. The six categories that make up the Tiglio brand are: Tiglio Luxe, Tiglio Luxe Slim Fit, Tiglio Rosso, Tiglio Sport, Canaletto and Cloth By Ermenegildo Zegna. 

Tiglio Luxe and Tiglio Luxe Slim Fit are the classics with a bit of a modern update. They include suits, jackets, slacks and dress shirts like this White Barrel Cuff Slim Fit Shirt and the "Genova RC" Blue Dress Shirt. These two lines within Tiglio are the most popular and loved by retailers and customers alike! The items are a European fit, giving them a luxurious look, comfortable feel and slimming effect that men go crazy for. 

The Tiglio Rosso collection is their "high fashion" line. It is mostly made up of 3-piece suits and vests and is updated on a seasonal basis (as opposed to their in-stock program). This means that the Rosso Collection constantly changes with the season, styles and latest trends. Garments made from the freshest fabrics and available in mostly wide leg fits that really conveys the look and feel of a custom made suit. 

Tiglio Sport is another crowd pleaser as the details are what make the shirts in this line shine. They have contrasting cuffs, collars, ribbons on the shirt plackets, and more proving that slight details make lasting impressions. The Tiglio Sports shirts are made from light weight Italian fabrics making them not only stylish, but also breathable and comfortable. 

Canaletto is a line that falls under Tiglio as well. It consists of trendy suits and jackets made from classic and popular Italian Wools, such as REDA, Vitale Barberis and Guabello. This not only makes the Canaletto items stylish, but incredibly luxurious in both appearance and feel. And last, but certainly not least is the Cloth By Ermenegildo Zegna collection. Suits, like the "Como" French Blue 3-Piece Suit, that are included in this line are crafted with cloth by Ermenegildo Zegna and are available in both seasonal and in-stock programs. 

As you can see, that even though Tiglio offer six different collections, one thing remains constant throughout their brand... They offer modern, European cut, stylish, trendy, colorful and classic menswear pieces that will truly be your favorite investment piece in your wardrobe. Tiglio knows what the modern day polished man wants and they put all of their creativity, talent and hard work into accomplishing that. 

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