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Tuxedo Pants

It's safe to assume that if wearing a tuxedo jacket, some tuxedo pants are going to be not on required, but completely necessary. Tuxedo pants are the other main factor when it comes to the completion of a tuxedo ensemble. They are typically a solid color that might match the jacket, or off-set a patterned or bright solid colored jacket. 

So, what makes tuxedo pants different than a pair of trousers, dress pants or suit pants? The main difference is the satin stripe that runs down the outside of each pant leg. Classic tuxedo pants, like the popular "Logan" Black Luxury Wool Blend Tuxedo Pants are a staple piece for any modern day man's wardrobe. Tuxedo pants, like the Logan's can be worn with a coordinating black tuxedo jacket, like the "Hartford" Black Tuxedo Jacket, or something with a little color and flare like the "Sebastian" Grey Pindot Tuxedo Jacket

Tuxedo pants come in a variety of different colors, styles and fabrics from a ton of different well-known menswear and formal wear designers. Tuxedo pants allow you to mix and match your style and complete an individual look that best suits you, your event and personal style. 

Types Of Tuxedo Pants
As we mentioned, tuxedo pants come in so many different shapes and sizes. For instance, pants can be purchased in either modern fit or slim fit sizes so that the individual knows what would look best and feel best with their specific body type and what they would be most comfortable in. With a wide range of sizes for all men, there is sure to be a tuxedo pant size and fit that works best for everyone. 

Different materials for tuxedo pants include polyester and wool blends. They are both great options as they give some pull with the pants while holding up in durability and appearance. They also move well with the individual wearing them and are comfortable enough to be worn for extended hours or long events. 

Plain front, flat front and pleated are the three most popular styles when it comes to tuxedo pants. Plain front or flat front pants are where the front materials of the pant lie front near the zipper of the pants. They lay a bit lower on the hip bone  giving them a clean and polished appearance in the tuxedo pants when being worn. Pleated pants are worn on the waist, above the hip bone and have pleats going down the front leg of the pants fabric giving it some dimension. Flat front pants are commonly worn with both tuxedo and suits and can be worn for more casual or business casual dress as well. The creased from the pleats on a pleated pant give them a little extra flare and the higher rise makes them a professional and classic option for formal events. 

Buying Tuxedo Pants
Once you find the tuxedo pants that are best for you and your specific needs, coordinating it with you tuxedo jacket, and accessories, like neckwear, pocket square, a vest or cummerbund, etc. is all you need to complete a formal wear tuxedo look. 

Purchasing your pants unhemmed is an option as you can take them to your local tailor to have them tailored to your comfort and needs. Having your garments tailored is really important when it comes to formal wear dress. It helps you to get the perfect, most appealing overall look and gives you the confidence to know that you will be comfortable throughout your event and any events to come. 

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