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Priding themselves on producing supreme quality garments at competitive and attractive prices is the Italian designer Mattarazi. The Mattarazi purpose is to create garments that allow men to feel like the best version of themselves. 

Producing custom made and tailored suits and jackets, Mattarazi sets themselves apart from others by producing items that are either half or full canvas construction with the rare material horsehair. Yes, we said horsehair. Mattarazi uses this distinctive material in their production as it helps to give their suits and jackets shape, structure and an extra boost of strength. 

Whether it's a Mattarazi designer suit, quality pair of dress pants, sports jacket, dress shirt, tuxedo or more; each and every Mattarazi garment is crafted with extreme attention to detail, the best materials and top secret finishing techniques that give the finishing product a long-lasting, impressive and beautiful garment. 

Available in a variety of different colors and patterns, such as plaids and stripes for those that like to make a fashion-statement, finding a Mattarazi garment that best suits (no pun intended) men of all body types, styles and needs is sure to be a breeze. 

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