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Priding themselves on providing the ultimate “Ivy League” look, Corbin is known in the fashion industry as the leading trouser company in the American Fashion Marketplace. Corbin dress pants are created with special tailoring and attention to detail which has earned them a spot in being one of the most trusted formal wear designers in the business. 

Corbin still stands by their original mission for "civilian dress" that they helped create after World War Two. And to this day, Corbin designers still believe in focusing on the perfect fit and quality for the Corbin wearing man. Really leaning on their consumers and customers for feedback, the ever-growing fashion industry allows for Corbin to focus, grow and expand with the trends and their products.

Along with their infamous dress pants, timeless pieces like the "Winston" Ivory Dinner Jacket is just one example of the impeccable quality that we're speaking of when Corbin comes to mind. Made of super 100's, this luxury wool jacket, with a shawl collar, is perfect for those attending a formal affair, wedding or elegant dinner party. 

By taking their expertise and craft and combining years upon years of experience with today's ever-growing trends, Corbin has found themselves to still be one of the leading menswear designers that really focuses on taking what they know works and what people love, and broadening their scope to welcome in the new generation and modern day male customer. 

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"Winston" Ivory Dinner Jacket (Separates)
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