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Gitman Bros might seem like a familiar name as the business (and family name) has been around since the1930s. Having a long heritage line in American manufacturing of dress shirts and ties, Gitman has taken all of their knowledge, skills and experience throughout the years and put every last bit of it into continuous creation, innovation and expansion for their products and company image.

Although Gitman may have started out small, by sticking to their trademark ways of creating high quality, carefully crafted and true to American manufacturing standards they have made a successfully impactful impression on the menswear industry. 

"The level of precision used to make the Gitman shirts and the scrutiny each garment came under by the bothers themselves led to a very special factory culture that endures to this day." A quote straight from the Gitman workers about how important tradition and how highly the Gitman standards of each and every garment the produce are created. 

Today, Gitman is still a successful and leading menswear company as they have  remained a boutique shirt making company, rather than a mass production designer, which they believe sets them apart. But, more than that, as the times and trends and styles keep changing, Gitman has created a perfect balance of old and new. By sticking true to their core company values of quality, production and creation, Gitman is still on top of the trends, using the best materials they can find, and creating the most stylish, well fitting and attractive dress shirts available for men today! 

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