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Don't forget that perfection is in the details! Finishing touches such as pocket squares, belts, suspenders or socks can make an impact on your outfit.


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Sure, a suit or tuxedo is a great look and can help turn a regular man into a chic man in seconds. But, in all honesty, the ensemble can only take one so far. So, what is it that takes an average suited look to a showstopper? Accessories, obviously. Through any look whether professional, casual or formal, accessories are what actual bring the look to life while showcasing an individual’s style.

The little things like, belts, shoes, socks, jewelry, scarves, etc. The list goes on and on with accessories. They give us all the chance to make little details pop, or add a boost of color to an outfit. Accessorizing an outfit is what can take the same suit or tuxedo and make it look brand new every time just because of how it is accessorized. Some might have noticed, at Polished Threads we find accessories to be very important. But, we should also state that even though they’re a great addition to any outfit, too many accessories can be overkill and indeed ruin a look. Sticking to key points of interest or details you would like to show off without going overboard makes for a successful outfit. It’s all about accentuating and finding what works for the individual.

Number ONE rule…ALWAYS MATCH SHOES (color and pattern). Usually made from leather or fabric. With leather being worn in more proper and business casual settings. Whereas fabric belts that are usually canvas is the everyday bbq or shopping men’s belt. They also come in a variety of styles, such as: cummerbund, sash, elastic, braided, etc.

Silver is considered to be dressier and pairs nicely with blue black and grey, whereas gold matches more of the gold, brown and more earthy colors. Cufflinks are worn on dress shirts that help to button the cuff of the shirtsleeve. They are an accessory that is chosen with intent and personal style. The common colors are gold and sterling silver for cufflinks with different patterns and designs available should one choose to branch out from the norm.

Pocket Squares
This accessory has been around for since the 16th century and usually is available in materials, such as: cotton, linen, or silk. Today, it is known as a fashion accessory, but did you know that it’s original use was for wiping the face or nose when needed? The pocket square gives an opportunity for creative control of one's outfit to match the necktie and add a little pop of color to the ensemble. But remember, do not match pocket square with both your shirt and tie, choose one that helps to compliment and tie the outfit together.