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When you hear Rapheala, what you can expect is to see high-quality and carefully crafted ties

Rapheala ties and accessories are available to shop from to complete any suited outfit. 

Made from 100% are the Rapheala Silk Neckties Collection. Beautiful color options, such as Lilac, Oxford Blue and Mocha are a few colors amongst this luxurious and sophisticated collection. The Rapheala ties are all self tie making them a great neckwear option to be worn from the boardroom all the way up to a wedding. 

The simplicity of these solid Rapheala silk ties may not seem like anything special, but speak wonders about the quality of product that Rapheala prides themselves on producing. Also available under the Rapheala brand are accessories, such as pocket squares, vests, jewelry and much more. One thing is for sure though, when you purchase a Rapheala item the attention to detail in production, the quality of the make and material and the effortless style that enhances any outfit will always be there. 

Polished Threads is a leading online menswear store. When shopping with us,  you can find a wide range of stylish and modern items, such as suits, accessories, blazers, ties and more. Collections from leading and trusted menswear designers, like Rapheala, that allows anyone shopping with us to find timeless pieces to complete any outfit or complete any polished man's wardrobe.

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