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Emilio Ciro

Chances are if you’re wearing an Emilio Ciro suit, you’re going to be one of the best dressed men in the room. Emilio Ciro suits are made with 100% wool and super 160’s for the ultimate feel, comfort and overall polished look.

Emilio Ciro suits, like the Solid Navy Suit  are easily one of our favorites on the entire Polished Threads site! The slim fit cut of the suit is both flattering and stylish and the solid pattern instantly makes this suit a classic. Emilio Ciro suits are perfect for any business man running the show, an athlete looking to spruce things up off the court or field and even for a date night, wedding or formal event.

Offered in a variety of modern and classic colors, Emilio Ciro suits have an exceptional tailored and slim look that a lot of men are gravitating towards these days. Available in a number of different sizes and with side vents in the jacket, these suits guarantee not only finding a perfect fit, but feeling both comfortable and confident when wearing the suit. 

Emilio Ciro is one of those designers that produces stylish, trendy, affordable and attractive garments - making them perfect for the modern day polished man. Although their suits might come in a solid pattern and standard suit colors, the quality and make of these suits prove that sometimes not only simple is best, but that it can be more effective when done correctly. 

Polished Threads is a leading online menswear store. When shopping with us,  you can find a wide range of stylish and modern items, such as suits, accessories, blazers, ties and more. Collections from leading and trusted menswear designers, like Emilio Ciro, that allows anyone shopping with us to find timeless pieces to complete any outfit or complete any polished man's wardrobe.

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Emilio Ciro Solid Navy Suit
Emilio Ciro
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