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Traditionally worn for formal and black tie events is the cummerbund. Cummerbunds are worn around the waist to act as a waist cover, or in place of a vest. Whether a waist coat, vest or cummerbund is worn, the ultimate goal is that when wearing a tuxedo, is that your waistband is not showing.

Cummerbunds typically pair with a bow tie as wearing a necktie with a cummerbund is not standard. Formal wear style doesn't have to be generic though, for helpful tips and tricks about personal and formal style, take a look at our blogs. It is here you will find favorite items, outfit ideas and inspirations, best dressed men from events, categories, etc. 

Here at Polished Threads, we stock a wide range of stylish and fashionable items for the modern day man. You can find everything from suits, blazers, evening wear, and more to fulfill and complete your wardrobe. Our items range from black tie events, to date night or a day at the office assuring that there are pieces for each man's specific needs. Along with our timeless pieces are the wide variety of popular and trusted designers, such as Ike Behar, Paul Betenly, Vinci and more.

Cummerbunds are traditional for formal and black tie events and affairs. They are a statement piece that portrays elegance while completing a formal wear ensemble. Cummerbunds are frequent when it comes to formal weddings and are traditionally worn with a coordinating bow tie and pocket square for a completely look. 

Cummerbunds, like most accessories, are available in a variety of different colors, patterns and materials to shop from. Making it incredibly easy to find the specific color match and pattern for your individual needs. 

Buying Cummerbunds
When buying a cummerbund, knowing the dress requirements for your event will give you some assistance in which style cummerbund is best for you. When wearing a tux, we all want to look and feel our best, while still being comfortable for the duration of our event. So, selecting the proper size cummerbund will help with this. Making adjustments as it ties around the waist is simple so that you can adjust how tight or loose you want your cummerbund to be. 

Selecting a cummerbund that coordinates with the rest of your formal wear outfit and tuxedo look is going to give you a successful and proper appearance. For example, when wearing a cummerbund over a vest, having it coordinate in color, pattern and material with the rest of your accessories is standard. This meaning that if you are choosing to wear a wine tapestry cummerbund, pairing it with the coordinating wine tapestry bow tie and pocket square, over a striped satin lilac bow tie and pocket square is not only going to look a lot better, but make you look proper and prepared for any event.

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