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Formal Gloves

This accessory is not at the top of the list when it comes to popularity. In fact, unless you're attending white tie affair, black tie affair or are in an orchestra, seeing this accessory is usually rare. Have you guessed it yet? That's right! It's formal gloves. Formal gloves are typically worn with a tuxedo, at extremely formal events and are usually the final piece to complete the evening wear ensemble.

When it comes to wearing a tux, the reasonings can be endless! They can be worn at weddings, or black tie events, galas or fundraisers and even very fancy dinners. The versatility of a tuxedo allows you to style it in a variety of different ways. Accessories, like studs and cufflinks, bow ties, pocket squares and more allow you to explore your personal style showcasing that formal events and a formal dress code don't have to be simplistic or one-note. 

A popular choice of formal gloves are white gloves. They offer a clean and stylish look while giving you that ultimate formal look. They showcase a sense of being proper with a hint of elegance and classic dress that has been around for centuries when attending a formal event. Like white gloves, black gloves are another popular option when it comes to wearing formal gloves. They pair perfectly with a classic black tuxedo and add that finishing touch that helps set you apart.


Buying Formal Gloves
When shopping for formal gloves, different colors, including white, grey, and black as well as different materials are available to choose from. You can add your gloves to your outfit with your other accessories to help them coordinate them and enhance the look. Other popular accessories that you might see when wearing formal gloves for a white tie event include: vests, a formal cane, top hat, formal scarves and more.

If wearing a pair of formal gloves remember to wear a color that compliments and coordinates well with the rest of your outfit. Because adding gloves is a very sophisticated touch, but can go very wrong if the wrong color or material is chosen. Making sure they fit well is an important factor too. You don't want them too tight so that they cut off your circulation when wearing them, and you don't want them too loose so that they might slip off. Remember, it's the little things that make the most impact.

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