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Lapel Flowers

A simple way to add some color and flare to any suited outfit is the addition of a lapel flower. Lapel flowers are a little pin accessory in the shape of a flower that is fastened to the lapel of your suit, blazer or tuxedo jacket to add a little bit of flare and color.

Lapel flowers come in a variety of different colors, like the "Clio" Purple Lapel Flower or the "Red" Clio Lapel Flower or in different patterns like the "Lois" Black and White Lapel Flower. They are also made in different materials, such as microfiber, satin, silk and more. The color lapel flower you select should coordinate with the rest of your suited look and should tie the look together. For instance, if wearing a black suit with blue accessories, finding a lapel flower that is the same shade of blue, has blue in it or is a coordinating shade of blue is a great way to complete the outfit successfully. Whereas, choosing a lapel flower that has opposing colors, like lime green and maroon, might not blend the well together and be the best option.

The addition of a lapel flower to your outfit will really help to tie the entire outfit together and complete a stylish and memorable look. Pairing nicely with other accessories, such as neckties, bow ties, vests, pocket squares, etc. Lapel flowers are maybe not as popular as the accessories mentioned above, but nonetheless still impactful and a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd. 

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