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How To Look Good In A Suit (As Told By Late Night Talk Show Hosts)

Looking good in a suit takes more than just having a good-looking man in the suit. Fit, style, flair, material, etc. all play in to the look of a successful suited style.

The gentlemen of the Late-Night Talk Show world, understand exactly what it takes to pull off the polished suited style. Every week night these men grace our television screens to provide us with news, comments, musical entertainment and celebrity interviews. Watching these funny and talented guys sure makes staying up until one o’clock in the morning worth it.

It seems that the funny guys the rule the late-night market (and their guests) are always dressed to impress. They always look prim, polished and professional whether they’re hosting an award show, smashing eggs on their heads in a game of egg roulette, or singing karaoke in the car with Madonna. When it comes to James Corden, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Andy Cohen (just to name a few), sporting a business suit is literally a uniform in their eyes.

James Corden
The hilarious James Corden impresses us every night with his whit, charm and genuine want to entertain. James is someone you want to be friends with just because you know he’s always going to make you laugh and have your back. Since taking over the position of Late Late Show host, his style has only increased with the number of viewers tuning in for Carpool Karaoke. As you can see below, James can pull off wearing anything from a black suit with a burgundy pattern to a navy and maroon blazer, or just the simplistic fashionable touch of wearing a striped button-up shirt with a grey blazer (which looks amazing). His English charisma shines through as his Late Late style continues to impress the viewers.


Jimmy Fallon
One of our (okay, my) personal favorite humans to exist is Late Night king, Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy has been making us laugh since his SNL days, and will continue to make us laugh until the end of time. Since he’s been in the business for so long, it’s only natural that Jimmy’s late-night attire is nothing short of polished. Even when he isn’t making celebrities play Pictionary or sing songs in an imitation voice, Jimmy always looks top-notch. For instance, who looks this classic and chic wearing a French blue blazer while doing the single ladies dance with Justin Timberlake at a sports game? That’s right, no one but Jimmy Fallon.


Jimmy Kimmel
The other beloved, and equally amazing Jimmy Kimmel is someone that always looks (and acts) like the ultimate host. In between laugh-crying from segments and stories, Kimmel is always incredibly professional. That professional gift of Jimmy’s not only shows throughout the show, but in his wardrobe as well. He is always wearing a classic, modern and fitted men’s suit with a traditional white dress shirt and a tie of choice. The look is classic and charming Jimmy and we will always love him for that.


Andy Cohen 
With topics geared a little differently from the first three hosts (but not any less entertaining and important), is Watch What Happens Live/ producer (and father) of everything reality television, Andy Cohen. His energetic spirit, honesty and gossip honestly make this show a pleasure to watch. Andy’s style is just as fun as his show. The king of grey suit’s (he does look so good in them), Andy’s style can be considered trendy, chic and well-dressed; which is only one of the trillion reasons we love him so much.