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The Laid-Back Prince

With all of the excitement of the Royal Wedding, it’s kind of easy to get lost in thoughts. Like, how pretty Megan Markle is, what her dress will look like, how many people can they fit in that church, will all three of Prince William and Princess Kate’s children be in attendance? Honestly, we could go on for hours.

All these thoughts have brought us to thoughts on watching Prince Harry grow up into the man that he is today going into this next massive chapter of his life. Prince Harry has always been sort of the rebel out of the two brothers, appearing in tabloids and living on the edge – which just makes him that much more interesting in our opinion.

Having this more “laid-back” personal, it only makes sense that Prince Harry’s style follows suit (literally). It’s not uncommon for the prince to show up at appearances wearing a blazer with either a nice pair of denim jeans or trousers. It’s almost not uncommon for him to sport a dress shirt without any neckwear.

Although Prince Harry may not be dressed for a formal occasion every time we see him, he always looks polished, dapper and sophisticated. His approachable and comfortable, yet professional style is something that men all over the world can easily emulate with confidence and ease. With simple staple pieces like a solid suit and a sweater to place over shirts, the possibilities become endless when it comes to what to wear.

Another thing Prince Harry taught us about fashion, stick to colors that suit you. For instance, in the little slideshow (pictured below), you’ll notice that Harry sports a lot of blue shades. Whether it be navy, a simple blue or something in-between, blue is almost always a part of his ensemble. As is a simple white dress shirt, or a grey blazer.

All of Prince Harry’s “everyday wear” outfits contain simple, stylish and well-fitted pieces that are able to be dressed up or dressed down. Which, for a man’s wardrobe, is kind of the best way to create individual style with confidence.