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The Polished Man 101

Being a “polished” man is something that is to take pride in. Having impeccable taste and fashion sense means a whole lot less if the man in the clothes looks and acts like he just walked out of a cave. The definition of polished is: To be refined, sophisticated, and elegant. Needless to say, having people describe you as “polished” is more than just an adjective, it’s a way of living.

When we say “polished” we mean more than a man just looking put together. We mean the entire package is polished. The man himself: head to toe, outside, but more importantly inside is polished. We mean that it should be worn as a title and become a standard to live by. That’s why we have thrown together a list of things that we believe encompass the “perfect polished man.” A guide of sorts to living in a fully stylistic and graceful world.

1. Tidy Your Hairy Self Up:
We put this one first, just to simply get it out of the way. Men, it’s simple. Trim yourself. Keep it fresh, keep it clean, and maintain the hair to a non-offensive being. That goes for nose and ear hair as well. Keep your eyes open!

2. Think Like a Man, Act Like a Gentleman:
Men, admit it, you can be difficult. You can be stubborn. And you can be frustrating. Everyone can! That’s just life. But a proper polished man knows when to check his attitude and ego at the door (while holding it open for a lady). Attitude is everything as it helps others get a feel for who you are as an individual and what to expect when being around you. The polished man is respectful, thoughtful, and polite. Remember your manners, men!

 3. Confidence Is a Treasure:
The polished man is confident. Confident in the way he dresses, speaks and with the decisions he makes. Confidence is what rounds out the entire package of the polished man. It’s how he is presented, respected and recognized within his community. Confidence is what allows him to style and present himself as he chooses and completely own it. It’s what allows him to be free and at ease with the man he is.

4. A Good Hair Product Is Your Best Friend:
Men and women genuinely do have a lot in common. With that being said, something both genders seem to take a lot of pride in…hair. The way your hair is styled can one-hundred percent make or break an outfit or complete look. Gentlemen, a good hair product is your best friend that will (hopefully) never let you down. Figure out what your hair needs, wants and likes and you’ll be making jaws drop every time you walk by.

5. Yes…Shoes Do Matter:
A polished man, as we mentioned, is polished both inside and out. That being said, when it comes to the style choices on the outside: shoes do undoubtedly matter. Wearing a chic black suit with a statement tie and perfect hair means zilch if you throw on some old sneakers or loafers with holes in them to attend a formal event.

6. Never Lose Sight of Yourself:
Designer Oscar De La Renta once said, “Fashion is about dressing in what is fashionable, style is about being true to yourself.” The ultimate polished man may be many things, but most importantly he is someone who knows who he is and what he represents. He is assertive in what he wants and what he needs and no matter what he never loses sight of that. The polished man is someone to look up to and respect; he is someone that highlights what it means to be exactly who you are without any apologies.