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Who Won Our Moon Men At The 2018 VMAs

As a “millennial,” I’m not sure to be honest or ashamed that after watching MTVs 2017 Video Music Awards I had almost no idea who anyone in attendance was.

The VMAs are a rite of passage for those in the music industry. Anyone that puts out quality music, videos and sends a message is recognized or performing at this classic award show. Although new generations bring new performers and musicians (we miss the 90s just a tad), it’s always interesting to see which artists people are loving and fangirling over these days.

It should be no surprise, that with every award show comes…a red carpet. And with every red carpet comes fashion hits and misses. The VMAs are cool because it’s still a semi-formal event, but also allows the guests in attendance to speak their minds and experiment with their particular taste and style.

Personally, this makes for great entertainment, confusion and fashion inspiration. The men of the VMAs this year really cleaned up and looked beyond chic. Although watching them strut their stuff on the red carpet is always a sight to see, there are a few men that really stood out amongst the rest ultimately winning (in our opinion) the Polished Threads moon man award.

Drake Bell
Singer and actor, Drake Bell, really nailed the whole sophisticated and grown up role this year. Wearing a black slim-fit suit, with all-black accessories to match, the look honestly suited him. The only color shown were two stylistic touches of simple gold jewelry triangles that rested on the lapels of his jacket. Keep doing what you’re doing, Drake, because it’s working.

Shawn Mendes
Crooner, swoon-er, and all things perfection is stud muffin of the year, Shawn Mendes. This guy seriously has the voice of an angel and a personality to match. You could honestly become hard of hearing if you’re in the same vicinity as him due to all the screaming, and we kind of agree. Shawn sported a modern charcoal suit with a bold dress shirt and black accessories to match. Altogether, the look was trendy, stylistic and completely Shawn Mendes.

The Chainsmokers
EDM-Pop duo of the year is without a doubt The Chainsmokers. The musicians which includes Drew Taggart and Alex Pall ditched their jeans and t-shirts for some suits cleaning up nice and looking casually chic. Drew, sporting a light grey fitted suit and Alex going with a classic black suit, both opted for a slim-fit white shirt to keep things simple and polished.

Joe Jonas (and Rod Stewart)
The middle (and arguably the sexiest) Jonas Brother, Joe Jonas not only lit up the red carpet, but the stage as well at the 2017 VMAs. Joe, and the rest of his band DNCE showed up to the red carpet showcasing their bold, risky and out their style that we have all come to expect and appreciate when we see them. His first ensemble being a white tuxedo jacket with purple glitter lapels and a matching shirt and tie to match definitely balanced out that new mustache Joe was sporting. Then came the epic performance of DNCE with the legendary and talented Rod Stewart, which of course called for a wardrobe change. Joe and Rod both wore tuxedos that complimented each other kind of perfectly combining silver, black and white. Whether you prefer the crazy printed option that Joe rocked out in, or the fancy and bold silver sequined jacket with black lapels and Mr. Stewart shined in, both options are sure to turn heads.