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Some of our favorite suits available on the Polished Threads website are made by the designer Prive. Prive suits are the kind of suit that can (and will) turn heads when worn. The 100% wool and super 150’s thread counts, that Prive suits are crafted with not only look the definition of sophisticated and sharp, but feel it too.

The Prive line is a contemporary line that focuses on producing items for the modern day polished man. Prive suits, like the Light Grey Sharkskin Suit and blazers, like the French Blue Blazer with Mother of Pearl Buttons are two great examples for the type of vibe that Prive tends to gravitate towards. Unafraid of bold colors, flattering patterns and modern day contemporary fits, Prive menswear is the perfect collection for the stylish man with a plan. 

The great thing about Prive is how versatile their pieces are. Should you want a stylish and quality suit, that option is available to you. However, for those looking for a blazer, or even just a nice pair of Solid Black Plain Front Pants to style with a blazer, or even a dress shirt without a jacket - the versatility of these garments allows you to do just that. Mixing and matching pieces to form different looks that are perfect for the office, date night, special event or occasion is just one of the reasons Prive menswear has excelled in the industry - and it's, frankly, why we keep going back for more. 

For more information about our selection of Prive Products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.