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The modern day polished man has really turned a corner when it comes to taking fashion risks and making trends. Whether it's skinny jeans, suspenders, incorporating "typically thought of as formal wear" pieces, etc. into their every day style - and frankly, it's refreshing. 

Vests are one of those items that are extremely versatile and can be worn in different environments, for different events or just every day dress and style. They are available in different colors, materials, patterns and styles to coordinate with your specific outfit needs. 

Vests are great for those attending or in a wedding party. They allow the groomsmen to all coordinate together with specific wedding colors and give a uniform and polished appearance. They are also great additions to any formal or black tie tuxedo outfit. Like this timeless "Ike" Black Tuxedo Vest, made by leading menswear designer Ike Behar

More and more we are seeing vests being worn in more casual environments. Vests like the heather grey mason vest can be worn with a dress shirt, t-shirt and a pair or jeans for a more "dressed down" and casual everyday or date night look. Or, it's a popular option for more rustic and casual outdoor weddings being worn without a tuxedo or suit jacket and the main focal point of the outfit. These are just a few of the ways vests are styled today making them a staple. 

Wearing a bow tie or a necktie with your vest is a standard option as it helps to bring the look together and adds some individual style. Whether it's bright colors, a bold pattern or a different material to kind of off-set, but still coordinate with your vest is a great way to make a memorable and fashionable look the ultimate success. 

When purchasing your vests at Polished Threads, we offer vests from leading formal wear and menswear designers in a variety of different styles, colors, patterns and materials so that whether you're attending a dinner, dance, wedding, gala, or birthday party, there is a style and fit for everyone!

Polished Threads is a leading online menswear store. When shopping with us,  you can find a wide range of stylish and modern items, such as suits, accessories, blazers, ties and more. Collections from leading and trusted menswear designers allows anyone shopping with us to find timeless pieces to complete any outfit or complete any polished man's wardrobe.

For more information about our selection of vests, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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