Men's Suits

The suit is something every man experiences from a young age. It is something that, no matter how old someone is, will always be necessary and in demand. It’s a symbol of a well-dressed, polished, and sophisticated man that cares about his appearance. The different types of suits throughout the years have changed and progressed with the trends within the fashion industry and the target market. And although there is an immense amount of options out there for suits, finding a good quality and comfortable suit can be quite the journey. Once the proper suit is purchased, the realization of just how versatile a suit is can be very eye opening. A lot of this comes down to the man that is wearing the suit. That meaning that the fashion loving, risk taking and style entrepreneur male will understand and appreciate that with the right suit, he can wear it thousands of times but make it look like a brand-new suit just from the way he chooses to style and accessorize it.

Thread Count & Feel
When feeling the quality of a suit, most people genuinely just go off of the actual feel when touching the suit. But, understanding the fabric being used helps to give clarity on what the suit should feel like. Thread is a fine cord of material that stems from two or more fibers and is twisted together when weaving cloth. When it comes to fabrics, thread is generally more smooth and strong when compared to yarn. Thread count, however, is the number of vertical and horizontal threads within one square inch of fabric. So, when purchasing a suit, have you ever seen: Super 120’s, Super 140’s, or Super 150’s? Well, these crazy numbers define the fabric grade (aka quality) of the suit. The number shown indicates the length (in centimeters) that the wool is able to be stretched. It’s known that the longer in length the wool is, the stronger, lighter and more expensive the overall feel of the suit provides.

Choosing what pattern is desired when shopping for a suit can help any man to identify the quality of the fabric that was used to make the suit. When looking for a well-made suit, the pattern should blend in perfectly at the seams. This meaning that the pattern of the suit is consistent throughout. There are a few patterns that are more common to see in suit selections that most men recognize without even knowing that they knew the pattern! Although some men like to play with their style and try something different every now and then, it should not be surprising to most that when it comes to suit patterns, a classic and well-made solid suit will never go out of style. But, for those fashion loving men that want to give off a different look with slight pattern, these patterns can make any man look like the perfect suitor. A common pattern in suits is the Bird’s Eye Pattern. This design takes two light threads along with two dark threads and weaves them together to ultimately make a pattern of a small dot that resembles the eye of a bird. Similar to the Bird’s Eye, is the Sharkskin Pattern. A Polished Threads favorite, the Sharkskin still maintains the bird’s eye pattern, but to achieve this arrangement, two very fine yarns are woven together to give a more glistening look to the finished product. The sharkskin is a great option for all things business related, more formal dining experiences, or if you just like walking around look fabulous in a suit!

As we mentioned before, the man and his suit have had a long and historic love affair. Back in the days wearing a suit showed a sign of status and appeal when worn in front of others. It was something men wore with pride and intent. Today, wearing a suit isn’t geared as much for status, but more so feeling good about oneself. Feeling professional, prepared, polished and ready to take on the world. It’s hard for men, as well as women to disagree with the fact that when they are dressed up and put together it’s uncommon to not feel like they are ready to be their best selves. That’s just the simplistic magic of apparel. 

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  1. Caravelli Pleated Shark Skin Suit


    Caravelli Pleated Shark Skin Suit
  2. Caravelli Shark Skin Suit


    Caravelli Shark Skin Suit
  3. Caravelli Pin Stripe Suit


    Caravelli Pin Stripe Suit
  4. Caravelli Solid Slim Suit


    Caravelli Solid Slim Suit
  5. Caravelli Solid Suit with Pleated Pants


    Caravelli Pleated Solid Suit
  6. Caravelli Solid Suit


    Caravelli Solid Suit
  7. West End Solid Suit


    West End Solid Suit
  8. Cianni Cellini Solid Suit


    Cianni Cellini Solid Suit
  9. Prontomoda Stripe Suit


    Prontomoda Stripe Suit
  10. Prontomoda Herringbone Suit


    Prontomoda Herringbone Suit
  11. Prontomoda Glen Plaid Suit


    Prontomoda Glen Plaid Suit
  12. Prontomoda Birdeye Suit


    Prontomoda Birdeye Suit
  13. Prontomoda Sharkskin Suit


    Prontomoda Sharkskin Suit
  14. Prontomoda Solid Suit


    Prontomoda Solid Suit
  15. Montefino Solid Slim Suit


    Montefino Solid Slim Suit
  16. Montefino Solid Suit


    Montefino Solid Suit
  17. Emilio Ciro Solid Suit


    Emilio Ciro Solid Suit
  18. Trend Sharkskin Suit


    Sharkskin Suit
  19. Trend E. Motion Solid Suit


    E. Motion Solid Suit
  20. Trend Solid Ardito Suit


    Solid Ardito Suit
  21. Trend Solid Fresco Suit


    Solid Fresco Suit
  22. Prive Solid Suit


    Solid Suit
  23. Baroni Stripe Suit - Plain Front Pants


    Stripe Suit - Plain Front Pants
  24. Herringbone Suit - Plain Front Pants


    Herringbone Suit - Plain Front Pants
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