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NFL Honors - 2018 Edition

Super Bowl weekend is one of the most exciting times of the year! Parties, food, music, events, and of course, the big game. And apart from the big game, there is one other event that is one of our favorite traditions that Super Bowl weekend just wouldn't be the same without. That event would be the NFL Honors.

The NFL Honors is an award show that takes place the night before the Super Bowl and it's where NFL player, actors, entertainers and other athletes all come together to pay homage to NFL players in different categories, plays, best of moments, etc. The whole show is funny, endearing, heartwarming and gives a sense of pride for your favorite players. It really shows just how hard these players work and for them to be recognized by the organization and their peers means everything to them. 

So, it's pretty clear that we're big fans of the NFL Honors for its purpose, entertainment and seeing some of our favorite athletes off the field, but one of the other reasons we love watching this award show so much... the fashion. Because when you get a bunch of NFL players ranging from rookies to all-stars, the amount of style and fashion-forward suits that you're going to see is almost as exciting as the show itself. 

This year there were so many amazing looks. From Texans Quarterback Deshaun Watson in his two-tone half textured double-breasted suit with some insanely chic and cool Nikes. Or JuJu Smith-Shuster (Steelers Wide-Receiver) sporting a Pizza Hut themed suit. It's always a show and fun to see what these guys are going to wear. So, as always, we narrowed down our top picks for the 2018 NFL Honors season for scoring both on the field and off. 

Patrick Mahomes

The Kanas City Chiefs had a good season this year, and we like to think that quarterback Patrick Mahomes has something to do with that. Others seem to think so too as he walked away with the title of MVP for the 2018 NFL Season. Patrick sported (no pun intended) a tuxedo jacket with a blue floral pattern, and it was honestly both fitting and refreshing. 


Chris Long
Philadelphia Eagles Defensive End, Chris Long kept the navy blue theme running with his dapper navy blue pinstripe suit. It was a good thing Chris was dressed to the nines because Chis was this years recipient of the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award - which in NFL Honors is the highest honor of the night! Good work, Chris! 


DeAndre Hopkins
Are we partial to Texans Wide Receiver DeAndrea Hopkins outfit because he rode in on the scooter, or because he totally nailed wearing a brown suit - which in our opinion, is not easy to do! And sticking with the blue them (again), DeAndre coordinated his suited look with a navy turtleneck and some navy sneakers; continuing the wearing sneakers with suits look - Polished Threads approved! 


Christian McCaffrey
He may be a rookie, but Carolina Panthers Running Back, Christian McCaffrey has made a big impact on and off the field his first year in the big leagues. Looking killer in his grey windowpane suit, we can feel big things happening for Christian as he enters the 2019 season. 

That wraps up a handful of our favorites from this year's NFL Honors! Who were some of your favorites? Be sure to let us know! And forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all things Polished Threads.