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Our Top Five Favorite Polished Male Athletes

Being an athlete is more than just throwing, shooting, hitting or passing a ball. Being an athlete is one of the best and most challenging jobs in the world. Talented people who strive to be the best in their sport and compete against all of the other best players in the world. If you really sit and think about it, how cool is that?

With being one of the best in the world at a specific sport obviously comes fame and fortune; and with that come fans. People who love, adore and respect their favorite athletes show their admiration by going to games, buying merchandise, and expressing their love on Twitter. Whether the athletes like it or not, being a popular and famous athlete comes attention just like any other celebrity. It means that they are a role model and that the choices they make reflect on fans of all ages. One of the more interesting inspirations that athletes bring to the viewing table is fashion. Whether it’s attending a red-carpet event, The ESPY’s, or going to support a charity; seeing our favorite athletes dress up in something other than their uniform excites us more than it probably should!

Here we have broken down our top five favorite polished male athletes (in no particular order), and we’re pretty sure you’re going to agree with us. From the basketball and tennis court, to the football and soccer field, we’ve got most of the bases covered.

David Beckham.
We would be absolutely insane not to put David on this list. So, instead of saving him for the end of the blog making you sit on the edge of your seat wondering if we could do such a thing, we figured we would get the obvious out of the way. David Beckham, is well…. David Beckham. One of the world’s most legendary soccer players and lovable fathers that we feel lucky enough to have in our lives. Married to Posh Spice, it’s a no-brainer that David is not only one of the best dressed athletes ever, but one of the best dressed males to ever exist. David looks just about flawless every time he’s in the public eye, and we can chalk some of that up to his wonderful style choices. Here he is looking the definition of polished and handsome in his traditional black tuxedo proving our point. But to be completely honest, we would think the same thing if he was wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Dwyane Wade.
One of NBA’s biggest superstars and Chicago Bulls favorite, Dwayne Wade hops on our list adding just a splash of pizazz.
Did you know that Dwyane had the top selling jersey in the league for nearly two years! With that being said, we would pretty much buy anything Dwyane sold (and he does sell some pretty cool socks). Dwyane gives off a different vibe when it comes to style. He is able to look polished, stylish, but also completely trendy. He looks so fashion-forward in his navy-blue jacket with matching dress pants and a casual white shirt. The crisp white sneakers and his fedora really tie the whole look together making Dwyane earn his style goals award.

Roger Federer.
Most have probably heard of Roger Federer before, if not, you might also know him as the greatest male tennis player of all time. Still not ringing a bell? Well, for example, Rodger currently holds the record for most “Grand Slam Men’s Singles.” He also has eighteen titles and has made it to twenty-right finals. Super casual, big deal. The Swiss player has stunned and stunned again when it comes to his tennis matches, but surprisingly also stuns in the well-dressed department. Apart from attending charity events and the occasional wedding, we don’t get to see Rodger strut his stuff too often. But, as displayed below, when we do get to see Rodger all spruced up he sure doesn’t disappoint! Even off of the tennis courts, Roger is putting and Ace through our hearts wearing this perfect example of an “winning” tuxedo.


Cam Newton.
2015’s “Best NFL Player” at the ESPYS and 2011’s NFL first drafted pick in round one, is none other than Carolina Panthers Quarterback, Cam Newton. Cam is well known for being a little bit too celebratory at times during the NFL season. Seeing his true passion and hard work for the game of Football is pretty motivating if you ask us. If you keep up with Cam’s Instagram, it should be no surprise as to why he is on this list. Something we love about Cam is just how unique he is with his style. The man can pull off a ton of looks we would never even dream of putting together, but does it oh so well. The 2017 Met Gala was nothing short of that which is exclusively Cam Newton. From the colorful loafers leading up to the daring plum tuxedo accompanied by matching bow tie, top hat, and glasses is something only Cam could pull off with this much confidence. Look at that smile! How could you not smile as bright as he is at that outfit. We just love it!


Aaron Rodgers. 
Super Bowl (MVP) Champion, longtime Quarterback for the Green Bay Packers and NFL favorite, Aaron Rodgers just had to be on the list as well. Although a stand-out on the field, off of the field Aaron is quiet and poised. Any time he graces our presence at the ESPYs or late-night talk show we’re just happy to see his smiling face. Aaron is a perfect example of clean-cut and well-groomed when it comes to men’s fashion. He always looks so casual but also downright put-together; which is something we really admire. The blue suit and shades express exactly what we mean when we say that Aaron always looks so down-to-earth. He’s such a vet when it comes to anything football events related, that he’s redefining the fact that you don’t even need a tie to look this good posing for a picture.  

Although the list of athletes whose style sense we absolutely adore could go on for pages, these five hold a special place in our hearts. Not only are they hard-working and respected athletes, but they are good role models who have earned their titles. Plus, the fact that they all look so spiffy out of their uniforms makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.