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Celebs That Were Complete #StylishCoupleGoals: 2017 CFDA Fashion Awards Edition

The CFDA Fashion Awards are something that every June we are lucky enough to get a glimpse of. The invite-only award ceremony brings together leading fashion retailers, stylists, influencers, and style journalists to recognize the biggest influencers in the American fashion community. Categories that are awarded are: Menswear, Womenswear, Accessory Designer of the Year, and Emerging Talent. When it comes to the fashion industry, not only are the best invited, but the best of the best is honored. 

Since the CFDA’s are so selective on who is in attendance, it really gives us a chance to appreciate certain designers and influencers for exactly who they are and what they’ve done. The wonderful thing about this award ceremony is that although it’s honoring the best and most influential in the fashion industry, the attire is nothing short of classic and elegant. After looking through endless pictures and seeing this year’s winners, we’ve scooped up a few winners of our own for the night. “Couples” that were absolute #StylishCoupleGoals arriving on the colorful carpet and won us over.

Zac Posen and Heidi Klum
Real life friends and business colleagues, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum could not have looked more adorable together. Working alongside one another on Heidi’s show Project Runway for so many years as proven that they are ultimate friendship and style goals. Heidi looks effortless in her white gown, designed by Zac Posen (obviously); and Zac plays the perfect role of proud designer and charming in his fitted tuxedo jacket.

Elizabeth Chambers and Armie Hammer 
Actor and full-proof babe, Armie Hammer, who was a presenter at the ceremony, looks handsome and polished next to wife Elizabeth. His textured, one-button black(Tom Ford) suit is the picture-perfect complement to Elizabeth’s (also Tom Ford) black sequined and form-fitted dress. The husband and wife truly make for a perfectly dashing couple. Also, take note of Armie’s velvet shoes…what an outfit edition!

Priyanka Chopra and Michael Kors
Sequins seemed to be the style option of the night, as the insanely stunning Priyanka Chopra wowed in her Michael Kors black sequin gown. The large black waist belt was the perfect accessory for the look while rounding it out with a red lip. Standing next to Michael Kors proudly on the carpet, Priyanka is the ideal person for just about any dress. Michael Kors is one of the most beloved, talented and successful designers. With that being said, of course he knows how to show up poised and ready for a red-carpet event. The shades say it all and we simply love it.

Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe
Host of this year’s CFDA Fashion Awards and someone we are always happy to see, was Late Night Host and SNL vet, Seth Meyers. Looking dapper, as always, Seth sports a Tom Ford 1-Buttoned Navy-Blue Shawl Tuxedo with a smile on his face.We know to expect tons of laughs when Seth is in the room, but since he is after all a professional talk show host, we know we can also always count on him to look professional and well-styled. So, it’s only natural that he played the part of “well-dressed host” for CDFA. His wife, Alexi, looks beautiful in her multi-colored beaded tea length gown. With such a stand out dress, we think her simplistic hair and make-up really allowed her to shine with Seth.


With a few inappropriate and risky jokes, on-point style, and top-notch fashion creators and lovers, the 2017 CFDA Fashion Awards were a sure success. Well-earned and deserved designers and journalists and those alike were recognized and honored all while we got to see some pretty glorious fashion; and we can’t complain about that!