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London Fashion Week June 2017: Men's Edition

It’s currently Fashion Week on the other side of the pond (in London), and there are three things we are happy about. One, the obvious, handsome men attending fashion shows. Two, handsome men with accents attending fashion shows. And three, style and clothing selections made from said handsome and accented men. If you ask us, it’s kind of a triple win situation.

Fashion shows are always exciting to attend. Seeing the up and coming trends and styles from favorite designers is a dream come true for most. Watching different runway shows and how designers choose to put on their show with models is almost like watching physical art walk in front of your eyes. Through all of the glitz and glamour of the new clothes, we still have to admit that seeing some our favorite celebrity men attending these shows is just as exciting as the show itself! We have selected a few of the men in attendance for the week that we view as complete #stylegoals. Some of them you may have heard of, others you may have not. Either way, we can assure you that you are going to want to follow these guys and take notes.

Tom Daley.
One of our favorite Olympians and cutest British divers, Tom Daley was in attendance for Men’s Fashion Week. Here he is attending the closing dinner for the week hosted by GQ. When Tom is projecting himself off of a diving board in a speedo, he always looks top notch and refined. With a drink in hand, wearing an black suit jacket with a matching black vest and opened necked white dress shirt, Tom is once again the definition of sleek.

Oliver Cheshire.
English fashion model, fiancé to English singer Pixie Lott, and voted best dressed British man by GQ; Oliver Cheshire was also in attendance for the closing dinner. With his slicked back bronzed colored hair, he looked nothing short of polished in his ensemble. Adding his unique touch of stylishness to his champagne patterned suit, the opened black dress shirt, hint of pocket square, and his shining and sleek black dress shoes, Oliver respectively lived up to his best dressed title.

Jim Chapman.
A personal favorite, successful YouTube content creator and now male model, Jim Chapman graced us with his style and classiness at multiple shows throughout the week. One of our favorite outfits had to be this colorful and crisp blue ensemble Jim wore to the Aston Martin x Hogan London Fashion Week Men’s Cocktail party. His dark teal blazer and fitted French blue trousers was like a breath of fresh air for the event. Following the trend of Tom and Oliver, Jim sports a crisp white dress shirt (unbuttoned), and perfectly bright white sneakers to round out the look. Bravissimo, Jimbo!

Darren Kennedy.
Someone else giving us a little dash of different with a splash of color was Irish TV Presenter and style entrepreneur, Darren Kennedy. Since Darren is in fact a style entrepreneur based in London, we not only expect him to look top-notch, but to show up to all events in something unexpected yet fitting for the fashion week concept. Darren is known for giving helpful styling tips for men and how to always put your best foot forward. So, this entire outfit evidently has our approval. From the almost denim looking suit to the simple but perfect touch of a tropical button-up shirt, with you guessed it, an unbuttoned collar; we think men everywhere will be taking more tips and tricks from Darren.

Now that London (Men’s) Fashion Week has come to a close, we’re ready to see more consistent and exciting changes within men’s fashion and clothing. With so many male models, presenters, athletes and other respected male celebrities, we have a feeling that we can expect men’s fashion to soar right into a new and exciting direction. Fashion Week London: Men’s Edition…success!