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Instagram's Most Stylish Male Influencers

Instagram is a place where millennials can be seen scrolling through on their phone for countless hours stalking pretty much anyone that they want. It’s a place where our friends, family, favorite celebrities, athletes, designers, etc. can post pictures giving insight to where they are, what they are doing and what they are wearing.

When it comes to the fashion world, we think it’s safe to say that the influencers for women are much greater than those of men. Having the ability to open the Instagram app and see all of the people you choose to follow in one timeline, is not only convenient, but informative. The past few years Instagram has made leaps and bounds with new features within the app, so much so that you can literally shop directly off the app by clicking a simple tag or link.

As mentioned before, women are a big majority of style influencers that have made a career and become successful over being “fashion bloggers” and “style entrepreneurs,” on Instagram. But, for the men out there who could use some fashion guidance, there are plenty of male influencers that are inspiring, charming, and fashion-forward. Below we have chosen four of Instagram’s most stylish men (in our eyes), that keep impressing us and defining men’s fashion. 

Matthew Zorpas (172K Followers)
Originally from Cyprus, but now residing in London, Matthew Zorpas (also known as The Gentleman Blogger) is a well-known fashion consultant and men’s fashion blogger. Looking at Matthew’s Instagram is like traveling around Europe in only the finest of threads. Matthew can usually be seen in a polished suit or tuxedo and looking top-notch from head to toe. Whether he is attending a fashion show, modeling, or traveling, Matthew can make any outfit he chooses to wear look completely regal. His charming smile and elegant taste make Matthew one of the most fashion-forward influencers that provides endless outfit inspirations for men everywhere.

Sam Wines (87.5K Followers)
Fashion and lifestyle blogger that triples as a model, Sam Wines, dashingly appears next on our list. Creator of the successful website “Man of Style,” Sam manages an impressive blog and Instagram following. Being a model and “fashion enthusiast,” we think it’s safe to say that Sam understands fashion and has immense amounts of style. When scrolling through his account, you will find Sam in anything from a casual sweater or athletic wear to a sophisticated and slim power suit with necktie and pocket square to accessorize. Sam is consistently showing off the changes within the fashion industry and completely making them his own. He is the perfect example of someone every girl wants to date, and every guy wants to be.

Adam Gallagher (2 Million Followers)
Adam Gallagher, creator of the website IAmGalla (Instagram by the same name) is an extremely handsome world traveler and style blogger. Being an art director, Adam’s Instagram account has that artistic flare as it takes you on endless adventures all over the world while showcasing fitting fashion attire for each location. As you scroll through his feed, you can see Adam in a casual sweater and pants reading on the beach, or dressed in an all grey suit looking scholastic walking through cherry blossoms. Adam is an educated, hard working and possesses tons of talent; proving that regardless of where he is, it’s evident that the gift of style never escapes him.

Doctor Mike (2.5 Million Followers)
Dr. Mike (Varshavaski), or as you may know him, “the hot doctor from Instagram,” is a medical resident and philanthropist residing in New York City. Making a boom with auctioning off a date with himself in 2016, Dr. Mike now has over two million followers. So, chances are that you have seen this “hot doc” (and swooned) somewhere on TV or social media platforms at some point. When he isn’t posting pictures with his cute dog or in his scrubs, Dr. Mike has the best fashion sense for a doctor that we have ever seen. Let’s just be honest for a second and admit that Dr. Mike could wear a potato sack and it would look nothing short of fabulous, but the man does know how to style a suit looking like the true definition of a gentleman. Between attending social events and living in the stylish city of New York, Dr. Mike has been blessed with the opportunity to help patients in need of care, and be an inspiration on multiple levels for men everywhere. Round of applause for Dr. Mike!


These four men have something in common and it is not just the fact that they’re complete style inspirations and influencers for male fashion. It’s that, along with having impeccable taste, they are all smart, independent, and well-traveled men. They all have real jobs along with their social media careers and they have all worked hard to achieve what they have. These four men are the complete package inside and out and when all is said and done, that is what counts.