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Polished Threads Guide To: Ultimate Wedding Style

So, you get something in the mail from an old college pal. Curious to see what it is, you open it and find that it’s a wedding invitation. You smile to yourself and think, “good for him!” And then go along with the rest of your day…

Months pass and the wedding is getting closer and closer. You’re excited to catch up and reminisce when seeing your old friends (since it’s been a while), excited to let loose on the dance floor and happy to be included.

But, then it dawns on you. And you start thinking to yourself; what am I supposed to wear? What does “dressy casual” even mean?

Well, fear not, because we have come up with a guide (of sorts) to help anyone feel confident and polished in their wedding style. You’ll uncover all of the necessities that will not only have you at ease, but will also impress anyone you might cross paths with at said wedding (yes, even your ex-girlfriend). The guide is simple. When dressing like a true polished man, the goal is to look clean cut, dress appropriate and act as if you are ready to take on the world.

The Suit 
“Dressy Casual” weddings are becoming increasingly popular in the times of “millennial” weddings. Think of it as wearing something that you would wear to a cocktail party or work function, but with a little flair and relaxedness. The suit for this type of outdoorsy, rustic, under twinkle-lights type of wedding, will definitely be the star of the show. Wearing something you feel confident and comfortable in is important. Wearing solid colored and slim fit suits are both trends that will never go out of style and something most men already have in their wardrobe. Something like our Emilio Circo Solid Suit comes in a variety of different colors and perfect for any fashion-forward man.

The Shirt
This is where individual style and that flair we mentioned earlier comes into play. Depending on the color of the suit being worn, choosing a dress shirt can be a great way to add some color and pattern to the polished man’s ultimate wedding look. For those wearing a darker colored suit (black, navy, etc.) pairing it with a gingham pattern or oxford shirt is a great way to remain classically chic but fashionable. If it’s an outdoor or summer wedding, and a lighter suit is being worn (which is becoming more and more popular- think, tan, beige, light grey, etc.), sticking to light and solid colored shirts will really compliment the suit and pull the look together.

The Everything Else

In order to reach the polished man’s perfected wedding style, the ensemble needs to be topped off with appropriate accessories and grooming. This means the proper dress shoes, necktie, watch, and any other accessories to which complement and tie-in all together with your wedding look. Same goes for grooming. Freshly shaved, styled hair, and cologne to make people stop in their tracks are all expected when a true polished man walks into any event. These things should be rather simple and a part of an everyday routine for most, but going the extra mile for a function like a wedding has definite benefits.

Don’t Forget to Enjoy Yourself
Now that everything is picked out, properly pressed and your hair is waxed to perfection, the next step is to attend that wedding ready to rock and roll. At the end of the day, style makes us feel good and confident, it allows us to experiment and express ourselves through clothing, but the person wearing the clothing is just-as (even more) important. Remembering to enjoy these special moments with family and friends, celebrating and creating memories that will last a lifetime is something even the ultimate polished man cannot compete with.