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Michael Buble: The Ultimate Polished Man

We all (men and women) have someone that they adore. A celebrity, athlete, musician, actor, etc. that makes our hearts flutter and cheeks turn rosy pink. It’s not only human nature, but expected! Usually, these people are talented, charming, friendly and just speak to us in a certain manner.

Throughout all of our (maybe multiple) swoon worthy crushes, there is one man that we can assure you is on every single person’s list. That man is: Michael Buble.

If you don’t know who Michael Buble is, first of all, how dare you? And secondly, get ready to have your life changed forevermore. Michael Buble is a soft-crooning, voice of an angel, extremely talented musician that speaks to our souls in ways we could only imagine. His calming voice and jazzy vibes take us to a parallel universe, leaving us feeling completely at ease and happy.

But, apart from Michael being an insanely talented singer, he’s probably one of the most polished dressed men in the Hollywood universe. Because his performances are a little more elegant and sophisticated, you can always be sure to find Michael looking just that.

The king of wearing suits, and almost always accompanied by a necktie. Michael’s polished, gentlemanly and classic style is what ultimately (in our eyes) makes him the ultimate polished man.

You’ll notice from the slideshow we blessed you with below (you’re welcome), that whether Michael is wearing a glittery tuxedo or a white dress shirt accompanied by a necktie, sweater and leather jacket; his look is always simple but so suave. Michael’s style showcases that everyone’s tastes, preferences and fashion choices are different and that’s what makes each individual uniquely special.