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What The Fab 5 Taught Us About Looking And Feeling Good

Unless you have been living under a rock, chances are you have heard of the show “Queer Eye” at some point or another. Well, it’s back and it’s genuinely better than ever.

Queer Eye now has a home on Netflix and each episode within the season is dedicated to helping men find their inner selves and get back to focusing on them. It is empowering, entertaining and exactly what you need to watch to feel motivated and happiness.

Through [binge] watching the season, the Fab 5 each have designated areas of expertise that they work individually (and together) with the other experts and the “hero” (person they’re making over) to learn, guide and re-invent to the newest version of themselves.

The Fab 5, consisting of: Jonathan (Beauty & Grooming), Bobby (Home & Décor), Tan (Style & Fashion), Antoni (Food & Drinks) and Karamo (Culture) are everything that we have ever needed in a television show. They are caring, hysterical and extremely talented and helpful in their expertise.

So, feeling inspired ourselves, we decided to write down a few important lessons we learned while watching Queer Eye. They really helped to open our eyes to things we never realized or just simply never thought about deep enough. These lessons are great for everyone and are (obviously) Fab 5 approved!

  • Understand and shop for YOUR specific clothing size: Fashion guru, Tan has taught us that it’s important for us to gain an understanding of our body type and what best suits us. A lot of men wear sizes that they just assume work for them when they are completely wrong! Wearing the right size in jeans, suits, shirts, etc. can help give you a more proportionate, clean-cut and stylish look all-together. Like we always say, when you look good, you feel good. These guys are ALL about body positivity! 
  • Branch out and try new things: Each episode Culture expert, Karamo offers up little nuggets of wisdom that teach us not to be afraid to try new things. We learned that if there’s a food you have always wanted to try, a language you wanted to learn, a place you have wanted to visit, an activity you have always wanted to do, etc. To allow yourself to do them. If you try, learn, or do one new thing a day “that’s 365 new things you’re exploring in one year. Your mind will be blown.” 
  • Grooming is your friend: Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in life. To let everything build up that we forget to take proper care of ourselves. We do the bare minimum and just assume it’s okay and enough to get by. But, what we don’t realize is that it’s not only hurting us, but those that love us. Taking care of yourself shows pride within yourself and therefore your partner. Taking that time to dress nicely, do proper grooming and spend quality time with your loved one is a sign of respect and that’s something we all need a little reminder of every now and again.
  • Ultimately, to feel confident, complete and true happiness, it’s all about taking every personal aspect of yourself: emotions, style, hygiene, environment and lifestyle. Having a grip and understanding on what it takes for us to feel complete and secure within each of those areas of our lives is what helps us navigate through life every day.

As humans and individuals sometimes we’re just trying to figure out what we should eat for lunch or which day of the week is the best to do laundry. But self-care and especially self-awareness is so incredibly important. The Fab 5 teach us within each episode just what those two things mean. That it’s okay to take time for yourself. It’s okay to feel good, look good and do things that make you happy. Because when we feel and experience those things, we then pass them on to our loved ones, friends and family without even realizing – and that’s the beauty of progression.