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Best Dressed: Bachelor Edition

Now that The Bachelorette has come to a close and we blissfully await the announcement of the next bachelor (cough, cough, Peter) we need something to hold us over. Enter the show that we don’t deserve from The Bachelor franchise…Bachelor in Paradise.

So, now that we have that greatness and drama to binge for a few weeks, it sparked something in us to think about the men who have graced our television screens in this bachelor world. Men that stand out from the crowd and are memorable for the way the presented themselves, carried themselves through their season(s), and looked incredibly good while doing so.

Being the “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette” is a tough job. Juggling multiple people pining for your love and attention can become exhausting and frustrating. Not everyone handles themselves with grace (or maturity) and therefore have then left good or bad impressions on the Bachelor Nation.

We have chosen three men that are not only familiar faces and had their fair share of “most dramatic situations ever” on the show, but ultimately pulled through and left us googly-eyed, hearts pounding, and chanting for their success in love. These Bachelor men have great personalities, big hearts, and an impeccable sense of style. Each week we were blessed to see them in different outfits that helped express who they were as an individual which we think helped them stand out from the crowd to match their winning personalities (and handsome smiles).

Nick Viall
We think everyone understands what we mean when we say we had a turbulent affection towards Nick. First appearing on Andi’s season leaving us with a bad taste in our mouths, then on Kaitlin’s randomly showing up, a few stints at paradise before finally becoming the bachelor himself. It’s apparent that the more Nick “looked for love” his personality and fashion sense matured with him to one of the best dressed bachelor’s we’ve ever seen. Remember those awful scarves? Well, when he traded those in for some polished suits, Nick suddenly became a lot more appealing and a lot less…Nick. He has a gift for looking extremely good in a plaid suit and never missing a beat in the dress shoe department.


Ben Higgins (Ben H.)
So, we may be a little partial to this particular bachelor (because he has been our favorite ever), but Ben H. is bachelor goals on so many levels. Not only does he have a heart of gold, but he is just so effortlessly chic and sophisticated that it almost makes us forget other men exist. Ben has that simple charm with his glistening smile and can pull off a men’s blazer with a nice pair of jeans for a premier or date night like nobody’s business. The recently single bachelor heartthrob will always get our rose.


Peter Kraus
Our next bachelor (we can dream), Peter Kraus stole our hearts from night one wearing a blue plaid tuxedo with a black bow tie and that slicked back grey kissed hair. Then week by week, Peter’s charm, elegance, honesty, and smile won us over throughout the season. Although we still think he should have won (we’re not bitter), we hope we will be seeing a lot more of Peter in our future. Because honestly, even on After the Final Rose, Peter looked polished as every in his navy suit with a white dress shirt opened just a tad to show Rachel just what she is missing. Seriously, we’re not bitter.

We know that we cannot be the only ones these three bachelor men have left an impression on. From their charming personalities, killer style and let’s face it, above average looks. Men like Nick, Ben H., and Peter are the reason we tune in again and again.