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Stylish Men Of Bravo

The world of television is endless, entertaining and vast. It’s a great way to escape reality and unwind after a work day and just focus on watching something that appeals to specific interests.

Although there are a million different networks and shows of all kinds, every now and then we all stumble upon something that opens our eyes to new enjoyable sights. Needless to say, if you’re anything like us, then it’s perfectly normal and accepted to admit that you have been bit by the Bravo bug. Bravo is a television channel that focuses on all things lavish, entertainment, and artsy. Although Bravo has now branched out to fabulous Original Scripted shows, no one does reality television quite like Bravo.

There is a handful (apart from the beloved Housewives Franchise) of reality shows on Bravo that are like eating potato chips; because once we start watching, we literally cannot stop. Not only are these shows insight into specific worlds such as: Charleston, South Carolina, a summer in the Hamptons, or what it’s like to be a top realtor in New York City, but they’re honestly like completely different worlds.

From watching these shows we have witnessed numerous arguments, crying sessions, laughing sessions and matters of the heart situations to which we can never get enough of. Each episode gifts us with different themes, parties, jobs, and most importantly outfits. Because most of these shows are centered around people that are successful, the result in just about everything they do and wear is only the finest.

The men of Bravo really take the reality show style to a whole other level. Throughout all of the shows, one thing you will notice about the men is that they know how to dress. They know how to wear a suit correctly, accessorize a casual outfit centered around a nice blazer, and almost always crush in the shoes department. The four men highlighted below stick out to us because they truly understand what being stylish and enjoying fashion is all about.

Kyle Cooke (Summer House)
Kyle, who is mostly known for drinking too much and passing out is also one of the leads on the addicting show Summer House. The show focuses on a group of friends that live in New York City and travel up to Montauk on the weekends where they share a summer home. With numerous men and women sharing a house with lots of alcohol and sun, you can imagine the greatness it produces for reality television. When Kyle isn’t stumbling around and being the house clown, he is an entrepreneur and lead for two different startup companies. Being the businessman that he is, Kyle’s style and outfit selections are just about always spot on. From the way, he matches his shoes to his sophisticated navy blue blazer, or the pop of color he adds in the shirts and trousers he wears. Kyle is the perfect description of adult frat boy meets preppy boat owner with his style and we love every second of it.

Shep Rose (Southern Charm)
Sheppy “Shep” Rose is the Southern Charmer we can’t stay mad at on the Bravo hit “Southern Charm.” The show follows a group of friends all with some sort of financial or historical status living in Charleston, South Carolina that love to bicker, argue and critique each other. Trust us when we say that this show is magical. It follows the group through their everyday lives which consist of drinking, going behind each other’s backs, and attending an endless amount of dinner parties. Shep is a restaurant owner and investor for multiple businesses, but you would never know based on the way he dresses. Usually wearing a collard button up shirt, baseball cap, and shorts, Shep’s personality is absolutely reflected in his style in everyday life. But when it comes to any reunion, dinner party, or gala, Shep is polished up and looks better than you would expect whether he is in a more trendy and casual grey suit, or a stand out tuxedo. Shep is who he is no matter what he does and what he wears, and that’s just one of the reasons we adore him so much. 

Carl Radke (Summer House)
Carl Radke, also known as “Hot Carl,” was a new addition to the Summer House crew when we accidentally binged the show. A friend of Kyle’s (yes, the same Kyle from earlier in this blog), Carl the heartthrob (and heartbreaker if you ask Lauren Wirkus), brought his good looks and fashion sense to Montauk for some fun. An ex model turned Medical Device Salesman that is at the top of his company, it’s no surprise that Carl knows exactly what he is doing in the fashion department. His simple, bright, and different approach to clothing was a delight to witness and his good taste made it all the better. Carl is no stranger to the finer things in life as he has worked so hard to get to where he is in his career and personal life. And honestly, look at those gorgeous brown dress shoes that completes his entire look perfectly. Carl, will you please be our personal stylist?

Luis Ortiz (Million Dollar Listing: New York)
To be completely honest, this list of stylish Bravo men would mean nothing if we did not have someone from our favorite ever Million Dollar Listing: New York. And who gives a better example of a polished and stylish chic man than Luis Ortiz. Luis, is the passionate, educated, and hardworking real estate agent trying to sell some of the most glamorous and magnificent homes in New York City. Being in the real estate industry, especially with the type of real estate Luis is used to selling, it is prevalent that Luis is always on top of his game. We already know how awesome Luis looks in a nice and expensive suit for showing houses and making money; but it’s his more casual, sophisticated, and classy outfit choices when he isn’t wearing a suit that makes Luis such a well-dressed character. The man knows how to match, accessorize, and make a leather jacket look like it belongs on a red carpet and we miss seeing his face along with his classic looks every Thursday this season. Come back, Luis!

The men of Bravo showcase that being a successful and bright man while having fun and looking good is possible for everyone. Being confident in who you are and what you offer reflects in the way you dress. Having self-assurance and fashion sense is something that every man can take away from watching Kyle, Shep, Carl and Luis. So, have you ordered your blazer yet?