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Men's Fashion Trends For Fall 2017

Within each year there lies seasons, and within each season, there lies fashion trends. Although most of us are more partial to spring and summer weather, most of us can admit that there is just something about fall fashion that speaks to our soul.

Feeling the warmth of a cozy sweater, the sophistication of a nice coat and deep fall colors finally being brought out in everyone’s wardrobe. There is simply nothing like it, and we admit that we would happily sacrifice a little bit of warmth to break out the fall style.

As the winds, events and smell of trick-or-treaters pick up, we decided to sit back with a piping hot pumpkin spice latte and review the hottest trends for men this fall season. You might have noticed old “trends” or styles coming back in fashion when shopping. This is because both men (and women) are taking pieces of clothing we’ve all seen hundreds of times and re-inventing them into something trendy, stylish and current. This re-invention of style showed up a lot for the men’s fall trends of 2017. So, we took a few of the leading and familiar trends that men will be seen spicing and switching up this season and came up with some outfit inspiration, Polished Threads style.

The first “trend” kind of includes a few trends in one outfit. Layering has always been a stylish and creative way to switch up and outfit and have some fun with your clothing. Adding the fall color pairing of anything within the tan family and charcoal grey makes for a chic and sophisticated look. The outfit that came to mind was the classic sweater over a shirt and tie look. This look is classic as it always looks sharp while lending the opportunity to truly style how one see’s fit. In this instance, we think a crisp white button-up shirt, with a warm- toned colored necktie (such as camel or beige) layered under a charcoal sweater and some ripped jeans is the perfect fall outfit for any trendy polished man.  

Another trend that we kind of love, and have seen worn by both men and women, is taking a suit and making it more “every day” and casual. That’s right, suits are not just for business meetings or the office anymore. They have been seen being worn as a casual but trendy outfit for dinners, shopping, events, etc. To successfully complete this trend, break out your favorite suit, (ours is the Glen plaid grey suit) and style it with a casual t-shirt of choice and finish off with some white sneakers for the new and fashion-forward way of wearing a suit.  

Lastly, this shouldn’t come as a surprise because in one way or another these seem to always make a comeback, but bold prints, patterns and colors are going to be huge this fall. Whether it be in a tie, shirt, suit, pants, etc. Taking a fashion risk and switching it up by adding a stand-out print or color will be a major head turner while walking down the street. So, say goodbye to navy, black and grey when it comes to men’s suits; and try to say hello to colors like olive, taupe, tan this fall. You won’t regret it.